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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H10.02-9120 (SBIR 2014-1)
rHEALTH X with Non-Invasive Capabilities for Science and Crew Health
The DNA Medicine Institute
Eugene Chan,
$123,425.00 MA Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2014
S1.07-9074 (SBIR 2014-1)
Three Color Particle Optical Extinction Monitor
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Andrew Freedman,
$125,000.00 MA Science LaRC 2014
S1.07-9567 (SBIR 2014-1)
Miniaturization of Airborne Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy Instrument
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Scott Hart,
$124,992.00 MA Science ARC 2014
S3.04-9566 (SBIR 2014-1)
The StratoCruiser Propulsive Long Endurance Balloon Gondola
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Scott Hart,
$124,953.00 MA Science AFRC 2014
S3.07-8767 (SBIR 2014-1)
Spacecraft Thermal Control System Not Requiring Power
Triton Systems, Inc.
Bonnie Hunter,
$124,870.00 MA Science GSFC 2014
A2.01-8766 (SBIR 2014-1)
Asynchronous Sensor fuSion for Improved Safety of Air Traffic (ASSIST)
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Jay Miselis,
$123,123.00 MA Aeronautics Research LaRC 2014
S1.07-8760 (SBIR 2014-1)
Miniature Ka-Band Automated Swath Mapper (KASM)
Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc.
James Canniff,
$124,763.00 MA Science GSFC 2014
H1.01-8645 (SBIR 2014-1)
Innovative High Efficiency Filter for Mars Dust
Blazetech Corporation
Vijay Devarakonda,
$123,077.00 MA Human Exploration and Operations KSC 2014
A1.05-8550 (SBIR 2014-1)
AIRSAFE: Analytics to Improve Reliability & Safety in Flight Environments
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Michael McComas,
$123,144.00 MA Aeronautics Research ARC 2014
S3.04-8522 (SBIR 2014-1)
Guidesonde: Targeting Meteorological Dropsonde with Optical and In-Situ Sensors
Yankee Environmental Systems,Inc
Nancy Turgeon,
$124,929.00 MA Science LaRC 2014
Displaying 21-30 of 47