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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
E1.05-8490 (SBIR 2004-1)
L and P Band MMIC T/R Module
Hittite Microwave Corporation
Stephen Daly,
$69,994.39 MA N/A JPL 2004
E3.03-8392 (SBIR 2004-1)
An Object Configuration Similarity Approach to Georegistration
Milcord LLC
Alper Caglayan,
$70,000.00 MA N/A SSC 2004
X6.08-7817 (SBIR 2004-1)
Aerogel Insulation to Support Cryogenic Technologies
Aspen Aerogels Inc.
Patrick Piper,
$69,990.12 MA Exploration Systems KSC 2004
X7.02-7723 (SBIR 2004-1)
Onboard Space Autonomy Through Integration of Health Management and Control Reconfiguration
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Raman Mehra,
$69,996.00 MA Exploration Systems ARC 2004
X5.01-8195 (SBIR 2004-1)
Rapid Robot Design Validation
Energid Technologies
Neil Tardella,
$69,900.00 MA Exploration Systems JPL 2004
S4.01-9421 (SBIR 2004-1)
A Monolithic, Non-Field-Widened Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for Solar System Exploration
Scientific Solutions Inc.
Steven Watchorn,
$69,939.00 MA N/A JPL 2004
X2.01-8782 (SBIR 2004-1)
Nanoparticle-Dendrimer Composite Ultralight Photovoltaics
EIC Laboratories Inc.
David Rauh,
$69,881.82 MA Exploration Systems GRC 2004
X6.03-8421 (SBIR 2004-1)
Optical Landing Hazard Sensor
Visidyne Inc.
John Bates,
$69,741.00 MA Exploration Systems LaRC 2004
E1.05-9679 (SBIR 2004-1)
Flexible T/R Modules for Large-Aperture, Space-Based SAR
SI2 Technologies Inc.
Joseph Kunze,
$69,998.67 MA N/A JPL 2004
S3.02-9660 (SBIR 2004-1)
High Resolution Silicon Deformable Mirrors
Boston Micromachines Corporation
Paul Bierden,
$69,999.95 MA N/A JPL 2004
Displaying 21-30 of 52