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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
15.01-6576 (SBIR 1992-2)
Microscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Layer-Growth Kinetics and Morphology in Vapor Deposition
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$248,511.00 AL N/A GRC 1992
11.02-4747 (SBIR 1992-2)
Low-Cost Analysis Tool for Concurrent Engineering Applications
Huntsville Sciences Corp
James McAnally,
$500,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
04.27-8600 (SBIR 1992-2)
Neural Processing for Weld Sensors
Applied Research Inc
James Odom,
$491,092.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
Displaying 21-23 of 23