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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
E1.02-8729 (SBIR Select 2012-1)
Automated Flight Safety Inference Engine (AFSIE) System
Millennium Engineering and Integration Company
Dianne Thomas,
$186,420.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations KSC 2012
S1.08-8561 (SBIR 2012-1)
Gimbal Integration to Small Format, Airborne, MWIR and LWIR Imaging Sensors
Geospatial Intelligence and Analysis Inc.
Joseph Findley,
$124,960.00 VA Science GSFC 2012
S1.04-9654 (SBIR 2012-1)
Measuring Low Fluxes of Photons, Neutral Molecules and Ions with a New Generation of Detectors
Space Systems Research Corporation
Rebecca Baugh,
$124,725.00 VA Science GSFC 2012
T12.01-9868 (STTR 2012-1)
Advanced Deposition Capability for Oxidation & Corrosion Protection Coatings
Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc
Matthew Terry,
$123,970.00 VA Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2012
S4.02-9939 (SBIR 2012-1)
Surface Abrasion Tool
Bear Technologies, LLC
Karron Myrick,
$123,740.00 VA Science JPL 2012
E3.03-9983 (SBIR Select 2012-1)
High Temperature Bell Motor
Bear Technologies, LLC
Karron Myrick,
$197,926.00 VA Science JPL 2012
S1.01-9127 (SBIR 2012-1)
AM-CW Integrated Path Differential Absorption Lidar
Coherent Applications, Inc.
Diego Pierrottet,
$124,993.00 VA Science LaRC 2012
S4.02-8764 (SBIR 2012-1)
Fiber Optic Shape Sensing for Tethered Marsupial Rovers
Luna Innovations, Inc.
Shirley Evans,
$124,999.00 VA Science JPL 2012
H3.04-9801 (SBIR 2012-1)
Self-Powered Magnetothermal Fluid Pump
Prime Photonics, LC
Steve Poland,
$122,816.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2012
S5.04-9565 (SBIR 2012-1)
Integrated Visualization Environment for Science Mission Modeling
Phoenix Integration
Robin Campbell,
$124,740.00 VA Science JPL 2012
Displaying 11-20 of 36