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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.07-8619 (SBIR 2002-1)
Sn-SnSb Filled Carbon Fiber Anodes for High Energy Density Lithium Ion Batteries
Lithium Power Technologies Inc
Mohammed Munshi,
$69,936.00 TX N/A JSC 2002
B3.04-9336 (SBIR 2002-1)
Fortification of Shelf Stable Formulated Foods with Antioxidants
Beverly Swango,
$69,831.00 TX N/A JSC 2002
B2.03-8921 (SBIR 2002-1)
FRET Aptamer-Based Glucose Sensor for the Rotating Space BioReactor
Omnitech Robotics Inc
Austin Sequeira,
$68,277.00 TX N/A JSC 2002
S4.03-9093 (SBIR 2002-1)
Integrated Device to Sample and Identify Surface Microorganisms
Lynntech, Inc.
Gloria Hisaw,
$69,999.00 TX N/A JPL 2002
B3.05-9088 (SBIR 2002-1)
Transdermal Delivery System for Therapeutic Molecules
Lynntech, Inc.
Gloria Hisaw,
$69,999.61 TX N/A GRC 2002
H4.01-8659 (SBIR 2002-1)
Fuel Cell/Li-ion Battery Hybrid Power System for Space Suits
Lynntech, Inc.
Gloria Hisaw,
$70,000.00 TX N/A JSC 2002
A4.01-8696 (SBIR 2002-1)
MicroSAFE (Stress Analysis and Forecasted Endurance)
Invocon, Inc.
Mary Pate,
$69,918.00 TX N/A MSFC 2002
A5.04-8190 (SBIR 2002-1)
Wireless Ethernet-based Data Acquisition System (WEBDAS)
Invocon, Inc.
Mary Pate,
$69,689.02 TX N/A SSC 2002
A1.03-7779 (SBIR 2002-2)
Embedded Dual-Function Arc Fault Circuit Breaker/ Locator Based on OSA
James Groves,
$600,000.00 TX N/A AFRC 2002
E1.07-9079 (SBIR 2002-2)
High Efficiency MEMS Based Cryocooler
Nanohmics, Inc.
Keith Jamison,
$599,955.70 TX N/A ARC 2002
Displaying 11-20 of 26