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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H6.01-7882 (SBIR 2016-2)
Retractable Robotic Anchor for Hard Rock and Granular Soils
Protoinnovations, LLC
$749,682.00 PA Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2016
S3.07-8563 (SBIR 2016-2)
Loop Heat Pipe Manufacturing via DMLS for CubeSAT Applications
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
William Anderson,
$749,823.00 PA Science GSFC 2016
A2.02-7580 (SBIR 2016-2)
Autonomous Contingency Detection and Reaction for Unmanned Aircraft
Near Earth Autonomy, Inc.
Marcel Bergerman,
$706,226.00 PA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2016
A3.02-7084 (SBIR 2016-2)
Hiawatha Aircraft Anti-Collision System
Nokomis, Inc.
Gena Johnson,
$754,964.00 PA Aeronautics Research ARC 2016
Displaying 11-14 of 14