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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
05.04-5900 (SBIR 1988-2)
Robotic Adaptive Grasping with a Capacitance-Array Tactile Sensor System
Extrude Hone Corp
C. Gary Dinsel,
$407,600.00 PA N/A JSC 1988
05.03-5649 (SBIR 1988-1)
Lightweight, Permanent-Magent Actuators and Manipulators
Advanced Material Corp
S. G. Snakar,
$49,257.00 PA N/A MSFC 1988
08.01-0888 (SBIR 1988-2)
Heterostructure Infrared Detectors for Use at Wavelengths Longer than 14 Microns
Microtronics Assoc Inc
Darryl Coon,
$497,582.00 PA N/A JPL 1988
Displaying 11-13 of 13