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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.02-9042 (SBIR 2005-2)
Radiosonde Cloud Assessment System
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
Kumar Seetharam,
$599,965.20 NY Aeronautics Research GRC 2005
S2.07-8521 (SBIR 2005-2)
Accounting for Epistemic and Aleatory Uncertainty in Early System Design
Applied Biomathematics
Lev Ginzburg,
$599,878.00 NY Science LaRC 2005
S2.06-7742 (SBIR 2005-2)
Enabling Technologies for Fabrication of Large Area Flexible Antennas
MesoScribe Technologies, Inc.
Jeffrey Brogan,
$599,830.00 NY Science JPL 2005
Displaying 11-13 of 13