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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
03.06-0001 (SBIR 1994-1)
Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom Reaction Force Sensors Simplify The Determination Of Aircraft Weight, Balance And Inertia Properties
PCB Piezotronics Inc
Louis Dommer,
$69,982.00 NY N/A AFRC 1994
09.15-9700 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Light Weight, Low-Cost, Dual Array Horizon Sensor Which Minimizes Radiance Errors And Mitigates Sun/Moon Effects
Servo Corporation of America
Kent Martin,
$69,850.00 NY N/A GSFC 1994
08.01-1190A (SBIR 1994-1)
Room-Temperature Thermal Detector Arrays For Remote Temperature Imaging And Other Applications
Elie Track,
$69,863.00 NY N/A JPL 1994
14.05-1190 (SBIR 1994-1)
Digital Signal Processing Elements For Narrow-Beam Wide-Band Communications
Elie Track,
$69,879.00 NY N/A GRC 1994
08.09-1699 (SBIR 1994-1)
Feasibility Of A Free-Piston Cryocooler Compressor
Precision Magnetic Bearing Systems Inc.
Suresh Shivashankar,
$70,000.00 NY N/A GSFC 1994
04.03-8072 (SBIR 1994-1)
Innovative Thermoplastic Polyimide Foam
High Technology Systems Inc
Milton Evans,
$70,000.00 NY N/A LaRC 1994
04.09-0661 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Compact Ultrasonic Multi Degree-Of-Freedom Positioning System
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.
Chris Chapman,
$69,779.00 NY N/A GSFC 1994
08.03-1533C (SBIR 1994-1)
Single-Mode Semiconductor Laser Utilizing Field Interference Effects For 2-5 Micron
Epitaxial Laboratory Inc
Jie Piao,
$70,000.00 NY N/A JPL 1994
08.01-1190 (SBIR 1994-1)
Monolithic, Square, Bolometer Arrays For Airborne Astronomy And Other Applications
Elie Track,
$69,917.00 NY N/A GSFC 1994
07.01-4932 (SBIR 1994-1)
World Wide Web Three-Dimensional Browser For "Surfing The Internet"
Analysis & Simulation Inc
Paul Patti,
$69,928.00 NY N/A JSC 1994
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