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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T5.01-9789 (STTR 2011-1)
Substrate-Enhanced Micro Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Cameron Martin,
$125,000.00 MA Small Business Technology Transfer JPL 2011
T4.01-9886 (STTR 2011-1)
Photonic antenna coupled middlewave infrared photodetector and focal plane array with low noise and high quantum efficiency
Applied NanoFemto Technologies, LLC
Jing Chen,
$124,982.00 MA Small Business Technology Transfer GSFC 2011
T4.01-9886 (STTR 2011-2)
Photonic Antenna Enhanced Middle Wave and Longwave Infrared Focal Plane Array with Low Noise and High Operating Temperature
Applied NanoFemto Technologies, LLC
Jarrod Vaillancourt,
$698,925.00 MA Small Business Technology Transfer GSFC 2011
O1.05-9434 (SBIR 2011-1)
High-power X- and Ka-band Gallium Nitride Amplifiers with Exceptional Efficiency
Auriga Measurement Systems (Auriga Microwave)
$124,091.00 MA Space Operations JPL 2011
X1.01-8102 (SBIR 2011-1)
Reactive Capture of Carbon Dioxide
Reactive Innovations, LLC
Michael Kimble,
$124,996.00 MA Exploration Systems KSC 2011
T8.03-9888 (STTR 2011-1)
Adaptive bio-inspired navigation for planetary exploration
Neurala LLC
Heather Ames Versace,
$124,998.00 MA Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2011
S2.02-8592 (SBIR 2011-1)
Topography improvements in MEMS DMs for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging
Boston Micromachines Corporation
Paul Bierden,
$124,183.00 MA Science JPL 2011
S2.02-8592 (SBIR 2011-2)
Topography Improvements in MEMS DMs for High-contrast, High-resolution Imaging
Boston Micromachines Corporation
paul bierden,
$699,410.00 MA Science JPL 2011
O4.01-8702 (SBIR 2011-1)
Compact Optical Inertial Tracking for Launch Vehicles
MagiQ Technologies, Inc.
Anton Zavriyev,
$124,997.00 MA Space Operations KSC 2011
X13.01-9659 (SBIR 2011-1)
Smart Phone Fluorescent Chem8
ionu biosystems
John Dubach,
$124,661.00 MA Exploration Systems ARC 2011
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