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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
O2.01-8509 (SBIR 2006-1)
Hyperspectral Foveated Imaging Sensor for Objects Identification and Tracking
New Span Opto-Technology Inc.
Michael Wang,
$99,994.00 FL Space Operations KSC 2006
S8.02-8466 (SBIR 2006-1)
Novel Supercomputing Approaches for High Performance Linear Algebra Using FPGAs
Accelogic, LLC
Juan Gonzalez,
$100,000.00 FL Science ARC 2006
O2.03-8309 (SBIR 2006-1)
Remote EMI Field Strength Mapping
Soneticom Inc.
James Kingsley,
$98,914.85 FL Space Operations KSC 2006
O1.05-8295 (SBIR 2006-1)
Reprogrammable Radiation Tolerant Secure Network Access Module
Aeronix, Inc.
Judi Coleman,
$99,959.04 FL Space Operations GRC 2006
S7.06-8282 (SBIR 2006-1)
Demonstration of a Plug and Play Approach to Satellite Thermal Control System Development
Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Michael Rizzo,
$99,961.56 FL Science GSFC 2006
O1.01-8171 (SBIR 2006-1)
Programmable High-Rate Multi-Mission Receiver for Space Communications
Summation Research Inc.
Thomas Drago,
$92,432.63 FL Space Operations GSFC 2006
T8.02-9978 (STTR 2006-1)
High Performance Hybrid RANS-LES Simulation Framework for Turbulent Combusting Flows
Streamline Numerics, Inc.
Siddharth Thakur,
$99,827.00 FL Small Business Technology Transfer MSFC 2006
Displaying 11-17 of 17