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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H12.05-8845 (SBIR 2012-2)
Low Gravity Drug Stability Analyzer
Real-Time Analyzers, Inc.
Stuart Farquharson,
$749,479.00 CT Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2012
H4.02-8807 (SBIR 2012-2)
Regenerable Sorbent for Combined CO2, Water, and Trace-Contaminant Capture in the Primary Life Support System (PLSS)
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
Michael Serio,
$748,785.00 CT Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2012
T13.01-9887 (STTR 2012-2)
Risk Engineering, Sciences, Computation, and Informed Decisions
Qualtech Systems, Inc.
Sudipto Ghoshal,
$748,883.00 CT Small Business Technology Transfer JSC 2012
Displaying 11-13 of 13