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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A3.04-8924 (SBIR 2012-2)
Energy-Deposition to Reduce Skin Friction in Supersonic Applications
Physics, Materials, and Applied Mathematics Research, LLC
Margaret Chiang,
$750,000.00 AZ Aeronautics Research LaRC 2012
A3.01-9938 (SBIR 2012-2)
Innovative Structural and Material Concepts for Low-Weight Low-Drag Aircraft Design
ZONA Technology, Inc.
Jennifer Scherr,
$749,997.00 AZ Aeronautics Research LaRC 2012
S3.05-8263 (SBIR 2012-2)
Navsonde Atmospheric Sampler
Latitude Engineering
Karen Malinosky,
$747,448.00 AZ Science JPL 2012
E3.01-9948 (SBIR Select 2012-2)
Atmospheric Lidar with Cross-Track Scanning
Litespar, Inc.
William Austin,
$1,499,467.00 AZ Science GSFC 2012
T10.01-9724 (STTR 2012-2)
Ultra High Temperature Refractory Materials
Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing
Mark Angier,
$749,994.00 AZ Small Business Technology Transfer KSC 2012
Displaying 11-15 of 15