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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.08-9572 (SBIR 2015-1)
Slow and Fast Light
Torch Technologies, Incorporated
Kenneth Lones,
$124,979.00 AL Science MSFC 2015
S3.04-9554 (SBIR 2015-1)
Optimization Of Fuel Consumption Using Atmospheric Vertical Air Currents
Dynsan, LLC
Maciej Z. Pindera,
$124,997.00 AL Science GSFC 2015
S5.03-9352 (SBIR 2015-1)
SparkRS - Spark for Remote Sensing
Shaneva McReynolds,
$123,143.00 AL Science GSFC 2015
A1.05-8776 (SBIR 2015-1)
Advanced Aerodynamic Analysis For Propulsion Airframe Integration
Research in Flight
Roy Hartfield,
$123,473.00 AL Aeronautics Research GRC 2015
H2.01-8863 (SBIR 2015-1)
In-Space LOX/Methane Pintle Propulsion Engine (LMPPE) Evaluation and Demonstration
KT Engineering Corporation
Richard Webb,
$124,823.00 AL Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2015
H5.01-9816 (SBIR 2015-2)
Lightweight Inflatable Structural Airlock (LISA)
CFD Research Corporation
Silvia Harvey,
$749,897.00 AL Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2015
T6.02-9986 (STTR 2015-2)
Improved Forecasting of Solar Particle Events and their Effects on Space Electronics
CFD Research Corporation
Silvia Harvey,
$749,933.00 AL Small Business Technology Transfer GSFC 2015
H5.02-9227 (SBIR 2015-2)
Metallic Joining to Advanced Ceramic Composites
Plasma Processes, LLC
Angela Hattaway,
$750,000.00 AL Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2015
Displaying 11-18 of 18