SBIR/STTR Firm Details - Ovonic Battery Co

Ovonic Battery Co

Firm Information
Name: Ovonic Battery Co
Address: 1707 Northwood Dr
City/State/Zip: Troy, Michigan, 48084
Phone: (214) 748-3647
Official Name: Subhash Dhar
Firm Statistical Data
Number of Awards: 3

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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
10.08-1750 (SBIR 1993-1)

Silver-Metal-Hydride Cells for Portable, Rechargeable, Energy Storage
Ovonic Battery Co
Subhash Dhar,

$70,000.00 MI N/A JSC 1993
10.07-1750 (SBIR 1992-1)

High-Energy-Density, Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries
Ovonic Battery Co
Subhash Dahr,

$50,000.00 MI N/A GSFC 1992
10.07-1750 (SBIR 1992-2)

High-Energy-Density, Nickel/Metal-Hydride Batteries for Space Use
Ovonic Battery Co
Subhash Dahr,

$500,000.00 MI N/A GSFC 1992