I-Corps Overview PDF- Phase 1


I-Corps Overview


The NASA I-Corps program–which is open to Phase I awardees–enables small businesses, including start-up firms, to increase the odds of accelerating the process of developing their SBIR/STTR technologies into a repeatable and scalable business model. Learn more about I-Corps by reading through this presentation.

  • Why I-Corps™?​ (slide 2)
  • NASA I-Corps Purpose​ (slide 3)
  • Hear about I-Corps from one of the Alumni (Slide 4) [link the video]
  • Back-up: I-Corps Teams Program Details​ (slide 7)
  • Back-up: NASA Teamed with with NSF I-Corps Program ​(slide 8)
  • Back-up: NSF I-Corps Program Metrics​ (slide 8)