From out-of-this-world technologies that help us research and explore space, to state-of-the-art innovations that improve life on Earth, small businesses make an impact through the NASA SBIR/STTR program. This blog features perspectives from program participants, including small businesses and research institutions, as well as other materials to help guide you on your SBIR/STTR journey.

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A shoulder-up photograph of an astronaut's spacesuit and helmet with an American flag on the shoulder

The map is in your hands: Discover your path with the NASA SBIR/STTR program

Posted 8/29/2022

Small businesses are pioneers whose journeys are shaped by their unique technologies and business goals. Take a look at our infographic to see some of the ways our small business teams have used the program to navigate to success.

NASA SBIR/STTR Success Out West

Posted 8/25/2022

With ten centers spread out across the country, NASA is comprised of a dynamic group of innovators and engineers working together to solve some of the toughest challenges—and we don’t do it alone. The NASA SBIR/STTR program allows us to tap the minds of entrepreneurs across the country, with program awardees in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Read about some of our small businesses in the western U.S. who are making an impact.

Five Anasphere, Inc. team members are gathered together holding a rainbow-colored kite as part of a technology working group.

A shoulder-up photograph of an astronaut's spacesuit and helmet with an American flag on the shoulder

Converging paths to success: Two NASA SBIR companies join forces to strengthen space life support competencies

Posted 8/12/2022

The NASA SBIR/STTR program provides seed funding to help small businesses grow and discover their path forward. In the case of Paragon Space Development Corporation and Final Frontier Design (FFD), their unique paths came together, empowering them to take on even bigger challenges than they had individually.

The Small Businesses Behind CAPSTONE Are Paving Our Path to the Moon

Posted 6/7/2022

The upcoming Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE) mission will be the first spacecraft to fly a unique orbit around the Moon that will be used for Gateway, NASA’s future Moon-orbiting outpost. Multiple partner businesses contribute to CAPSTONE with support from NASA's small business programs, and many of those partners got their start with support from NASA.


Zero Gravity Corporation aircraft for Zero G experiments and flights

Small Business Gets an Assist from NASA Problem Solvers

Posted 5/4/2022

Space Foundry Inc. recently boarded a parabolic flight with its plasma jet printer, a technology intended to create electronic components in space. The initial microgravity flight attempt occurred over the Gulf of Mexico aboard a modified Boeing 727. After the aircraft achieved microgravity, the company’s plasma jet printer failed to perform properly. Before going airborne again, the company decided to consult members of NASA’s Exploration Research and Technology (ER&T) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs.

Impact Story: Roll-Out Solar Arrays

Posted 4/7/2022

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) highlighted Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) technology from Redwire Space, originally developed by Deployable Space Systems (DSS) with support from multiple NASA programs, including SBIR/STTR. Since 2009, STMD has funded parts of DSS’s journey, from conceptualizing the technology to its development, culminating in successful technology demonstrations, operational mission use, and other cutting-edge potential applications.


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