NASA SBIR SUCCESS STORY Marshall Space Flight Center
2005 Phase 3

Development of Generalized Equations of State and CFD Algorithms for Arbitrary Mixtures of Non-Ideal Fluids

Tetra Research Corporation/Mississippi State University

Princeton, IL/Starkville, MS

  • Develop and evaluate thermodynamic models suitable for liquids, gases, and supercritical vapors
  • Create generalized algorithms for arbitrary mixtures of non-ideal multi-phase flows

Characteristic LOX Bump Due to Expanding Core Flow Recirculation
Can Now Be Predicted Using the Real Fluids Model


  • Solved problem of numerical noise in rapidly changing functions near the critical isotherm
  • Improved low temperature predictions near the critical point without affecting high temperature numerical behavior
  • Extended Eulerian dispersed phase capability to support two-way coupled multiphase problems, including particle composition evolution and energy coupling
  • Developed initial framework for extension to Lagrangian multiphase calculations
  • Provided enabling technology for application of CFD to a broader range of injector designs, including performance and environment predictions

  • Supporting ER42 (MSFC’s Fluid Dynamics Branch) with advanced liquid and solid motor analyses
  • Supporting University research programs through the Constellation University Institutes Project (CUIP) activity
  • Software currently in use at Purdue University
  • Liquid engines
  • Solid rocket motors
  • Plume impingement
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Power/Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Aerospace, Chemistry, Cryogenic Sciences

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