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Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1997 Phase II

3-D Visualization System for Robotic Teleoperations

Physical Optics Corporation, Information Technology Division

Torrance, CA

    High quality, real time 3-D visualization system with no position restrictions for viewing and no hardware for the viewer to wear
3-D Color Holographic Display Table
3-D Color Holographic Display Table

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  • Fabricated and tested a 20 in. X 20 in. holographic screen display
  • 3-D objects are displayed up to 20 inches above and 15 inches below display table surface
  • Images can be in 24-bit color
  • $750,000 contract with U.S. Army to develop technology for medical imaging
  • $300,000 of support from Japanese company to develop for game applications
  • Working with Ford Motor Company on automotive design display
  • Potential NASA applications include holographic displays for future missions and 3-D autocad displays for spacecraft design
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