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STTR 1995 Phase I

Novel Neural Network Technology for Very Fast Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery

Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Torrance, CA

An integrated benchtop hyperspectral sensor and analysis system was developed for use in laboratory and field applications
When you need to compare... Apples to Oranges
When you need to compare...
Apples to Oranges


  • Demonstrated the application of compact hyperspectral camera system utilizing a liquid crystal tunable filter for ground truth collection and analysis in support for remote sensing applications
  • Demonstrated a novel algorithmic paradigm for neural network training specifically optimized for computationally intensive applications such as hyperspectral analysis
  • Developed a Toolbox of additional algorithms for hyperspectral analysis

  • Integrated benchtop sensor and Toolbox to form a turnkey system
  • The outcome of this STTR provided a basis for over five years of work in support of remote sensing and precision farming work in the San Joaquin Valley in California
  • Precision Farming saves money by reducing the amount of chemicals used and reduces the environmental stress of such chemicals seeping into the ground water supply
  • Precision farming can be a significant cost saver in California where the irrigation water is the main cost driver in the production of cotton
  • Sponsored under various activities, including the NASA Hyperspectral EOCAP, OKSI implemented a remote sensing program to develop Precision Farming technology
  • Under this technology, cotton growers would use the remote sensed data to monitor the health of their crops, and apply chemicals and irrigation only when and where needed, on a site specific basis
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