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Glenn Research Center
1998 PhaseI

The SmartPlug™ Catalytic Ignition System

Automotive Resources, Inc. (formerly Aqualytic Technologies)

Sandpoint, ID

    Precision timed Catalytic Glow Plug Ignition System
Powerful Catalytic Flame Jet Ignition Event
Powerful Catalytic Flame Jet Ignition Event

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  • The SmartPlug™ Catalytic Ignition eliminating the need for magnetos and spark plugs
  • Used with low octane unleaded fuels without the risk of detonation or other engine damage
  • SmartPlug™ revenue to date $125K
  • Formed KNEW Corporation which has a worldwide exclusive license of Automotive Resources, Inc. patents on the SmartPlug™ Catalytic Ignition System. License fees are $240K
  • KNEW Corporation’s capitalization is $500K and has full time job equivalent of 5 employees
  • Aircraft SmartPlugs™ e-commerce site launched May 2002
  • NASA’s GAP Program – SmartPlugs™ enable the use of unleaded fuels and conversion of General Aviation engines to JET A operation
  • Army Communications & Electronics Command (CECOM) SBIR for converting Honda Generators from gasoline to JP-8 or Diesel#2 operation
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