NASA SBIR SUCCESS STORY Glenn Research Center 
1987 Phase II

High Efficiency, Low Cost Monolithic RF Module for SARSAT Distress Beacons

Microwave Monolithics Incorporated

Simi Valley, CA 

Miniature, ultra high efficiency GaAS MMIC components for Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracker (SARSAT) Distress Beacons
MicroPLB SARSAT Beacon with Internal Homing Signal and GPS Interface
MicroPLB SARSAT Beacon with Internal 
Homing Signal and GPS Interface
    • Developed ultra miniature Personal Locator Beacons  (PLBs)
    • Utilize smaller, safer batteries without performance loss
    • Microwave Monolithics invested $2.5M of company resources after completion of Phase II and developed a complete MicroPLB SARSAT Beacon
    • Commercial Sales of this and related technology devices exceed $1.5M to date
    • Developed the smallest and longest lasting certified PLB in the world that has a minimum use of 48 hours after 5 years of operating in -20°C
    • Phase III contract by Goddard Space Flight Center for $250K for final packaging of 4 beacons and certification of these by International COSPAS/SARSAT Consortium
    • Currently ramping up production volume and reducing costs in order to attain substantially larger commercial sales
    • The MicroPLB is a vital safety device for Military and Civilian Government personnel, providing rapid world-wide notification and location information in case of emergency
    • Used by U.S. Agencies and for commercial special applications
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