NASA SBIR SUCCESS STORY  Goddard Space Flight Center  
1986 Phase II 

Laser-based Measurement Technique for Optical Surfaces  

Bauer Associates, Inc. 

Wellesley, MA 

    New, non interferometric, laser-based technique for measuring surface shape errors on optical surfaces
Laser-based Measurement Technique for OpticalSurfaces
Model 100 Profilometer
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    • Developed a working instrument, including state- of-the-art electronics as well as innovative combinations of optical and electro-optical devices
    • Developed a modified, commercially viable profilometer 
    • Profilometer was marketed as a custom instrument to government and industry
    • A Model 100 and Model 200 Profilometer were produced, with the Model 200 winning the Photonics Circle of Excellence Award for the 25 best new products of the year
    • Yearly sales generated by the product averaged approximately $100K for the first four years, with two jobs being created
    • Model 100 was used in preliminary measurements for NASA's Advanced X-ray Astrophysical Observatory
    • Another Model 100 was used in advanced development work for soft X-ray microlithography for semiconductor applications
    • A model 200 was used to characterize the mirrors used in the Hubble repair mission
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