NASA SBIR SUCCESS STORY Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
1983 & 1985 Phase II

Space-Qualified-Submillimeter Radiometer

Millitech, Inc.

South Deerfield, MA


    First-of-its-kind instrument; represents significant development of submillimeter receiver technology

Submillimeter Radiometer for SWAS Mission
Submillimeter Radiometer for SWAS Mission
  • Developed a 560 GHz radiometer with a solid state phase-locked gunn diode oscillator, single side band filter, 3 times frequency multiplier, 2 times harmonic signal mixer
  • Sales attributable to this work have reached $2 million with additional indirect sales of $5 to $10 million
  • System components (oscillators, doublers, etc.) have been sold world wide
  • Remote sensing studies of atmospheric molecules including ozone monitoring and the effects of fluorine monoxide on the ozone layer
  • Millitech provided the 230 and 637 GHz radiometers for the Earth Observing System Microwave Limb Sounder on NASA's Aura satellite
  • Produced submillimeter wave receiver for Goddard SWAS mission under a $5 million contract
  • Instrument investigated composition of interstellar galactic clouds
  • JPL used instrument for atmospheric observations from the research aircraft KAO (C-141)
  • Receiver for microwave limb sounder flown on balloons for atmospheric observations
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