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Inflation Rigidized Solar Concentrators

for Power Generation

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Current solar thermal power systems incorporate

rigid concentrators which are either assembled in

orbit or mechanically deployed. These structures

are relatively heavy, complex, require significant

package volume, and are costly. The development

of lightweight deployable concentrators for solar

thermal power applications would reduce weight,

and cost for these systems, making them

considerably more cost effective for large space

power applications. The proposed Phase I research

will apply innovative polymer film fabrication

techniques to design an inflatable concentrator for

subsequent ground testing. The concentrator will be

fabricated in a parabolic shape without seams or

gore sections. The one piece nature of the cast film

will reduce the inflation pressure requirements and

increase its tolerance to micrometeroid penetration.

The inflation rigidized thin film concentrator will be

designed to interface with solar dynamic power

systems. Deployment of a test article from a

storage canister will be demonstrated, and the

concentrator will be optically characterized. This

proposed innovation will result in an order of

magnitude reduction in cost for solar thermal power


Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Lightweight large deployable collectors have

potential applications to commercial space-based

antennas, solar power generation, solar bimodal,

and Earth survey applications. The materials and

processes used in the fabrication of collectors have

application for thermal control blankets and low

dielectric materials for flexible circuit boards.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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James C. Pearson, Jr.

SRS Technologies

500 Discovery Drive NW

Huntsville , AL 35806

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Dr. Harold L. Pastrick

SRS Technologies

500 Discovery Drive NW

Huntsville , AL 35806