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A Constant Capacity High Lift Heat


Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Future manned lunar bases will have thermal

control requirements that exceed the capabilities of

conventional heat pump technology. While prior

NASA studies have demonstrated the feasibility of

solar powered heat pumps for habitat thermal

control, a suitable heat pump design capable of

maintaining a constant cooling capacity over the

widely varying lift conditions encountered in a

typical equatorial lunar base has not been

identified. Magnetic bearing technology and

judicious refrigerant selection have allowed

Mainstream Engineering Corporation to develop a

highly efficient, compact, high speed, direct drive

centrifugal refrigeration compressor for terrestrial

chiller systems. This innovative patented

technology can be easily adapted to a high lift, lunar

heat pump thermal control system with minor

modifications. Mainstream Engineering

Corporation has demonstrated the potential of the

high-efficiency, lightweight, magnetic-bearing

centrifugal chiller to provide improved

performance, significantly reduced operational and

maintenance costs, and reduced life cycle cost.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Development of a high lift heat pump has

commercial applications in the development of

air-cooled condenser chillers. In addition, the

technology and control system enhancements

necessary to adapt magnetic bearing compressors

for lunar heat pump applications would greatly

improve the high efficiency operating envelopes of

current designs. Marketing studies have indicated

that Mainstream Engineering Corporation's current

design has an excellent opportunity to capture a

significant portion of the projected 80,000

commercial chillers that will be replaced in the next

five to ten years. Therefore, while Mainstream

Engineering Coporation's existing design is

comparable in initial cost, it provides significant

reductions in total life cycle cost, while also being a

completely environmentally-safe alternative to

existing CFC and HCFC systems. Development of

this technology will have enormous economic

benefits. The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Institute estimates that over 80,000 CFC chillers

are still in operation and must be replaced or

retrofitted in the coming years.

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Scott M. Benedict

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

200 Yellow Place

Rockledge , FL 32955

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Patricia Eder

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

200 Yellow Place

Rockledge , FL 32955