Form 9.B Project Summary

Chron: 971942

Proposal Number: 18.01-0460

Project Title: Light-Weight, Temperature-Insensitive, High-Precision NMR Magnet

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a well-known, powerful technique for detecting and identifying both inorganic and organic substances. Such a diagnostic may enable finding indications of life on remote bodies such as Mars. To do this requires an NMR system which is light-weight, has high precision, and is able to operate under the large temperature variations of the Martian surface. The magnets of conventional NMR systems are too large and heavy, and cannot tolerate large temperature extremes. We propose during Phase I to design a light-weight, self-temperature-compensating NMR magnet based upon a demonstration device, which we have already built. Our NMR magnet features uniform magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets. The design makes efficient use of the magnet, thereby reducing its size and weight. High field

precision is obtained using proprietary manufacturing and assembly techniques.

Self-temperature-compensation of the magnetic field also uses proprietary techniques. Measurements of selected components of the NMR magnet will also be performed during Phase I to verify the design parameters. Based upon the

Phase I design and measurements, a working prototype will be built during Phase II. This prototype will be capable of flying on a NASA satellite.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

A compact NMR magnet would be an attractive alternative to current NMR magnets, which can be bulky in size and weight. It can also be used in new applications where the environment prevents using existing NMR devices. Examples are extreme temperature locations, such as the Antarctica; monitoring of in-line industrial processes, waste effluents, and water quality; and radioactive waste tanks.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)

Dr. Kem E. Robinson

STI Optronics, Inc.

2755 Northup Way

Bellevue , WA 98004-1495

Name and Address of Offeror (Firm Name, Mail Address,


Dr. William J. Thayer, III

STI Optronics, Inc.

2755 Northup Way

Bellevue , WA 98004-1495