Form 9.B Project Summary

Chron: 972608

Proposal Number: 12.01-6610

Project Title: Raman Spectroscopy as a Non-Invasive Indicator of Protein Crystal Quality.

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Protein crystallography research supporting structur-based drug design requires that a single crystal be selected prior to mounting and freezing for x-ray diffraction. The only method available for determining which crystals are candidates for x-ray diffraction, I.E. which are more perfect in molecular arrangement, is by visual inspection by a trained observer. A non-invasive tool for determining which crystals could provide better data in x-ray diffraction would prove very useful in structure-based drug design by speeding the time from crystallization to structure determination. Raman spectroscopy is just such a technique. It is an optical light-scattering technique for determining the molecular composition of materials or their crystal lattice structure. This technique would increase the likelihood of obtaining high quality structural data for a particular protein at reduced cost by decreasing the use of expensive and time consuming x-ray diffraction facilities by screening crystals prior to diffraction for the degree of perfection. This innovation will further NASA's long standing support for the advancement of protein crystallography and structur-based design.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

The proposed innovative crystal evaluation system will be of tremendous value to crystallography, chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide. The combined market for these scientific disciplines is substatial and the proposed devices will play a vital role in their future. Protein crystal growth is generally recognized as the major bottleneck in crystallographic structural investigations, which are of paramount importance in elucidating fundamental structure/function relationships and in structure-based drug design. This non-invasive method of crystal evaluation utilized prior to x-ray diffraction will produce better structural data at a lower cost.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)

William Rosenblum, PhD

Diversified Scientific, Inc.

2800 Milan Ct. Suite 381

Birmingham , AL 35211-6908

Name and Address of Offeror (Firm Name, Mail Address,


Thomas E. Gester

Diversified Scientific, Inc.

2800 Milan Ct., Suite 381

Birmingham , AL 35211-6908