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Self-Priming Silicone Coating

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Silicone coatings are exceptionally hydrophobic and

stable to most common chemical and weathering

processes, making them excellent anti-corrosion

coatings for materials subjected to extreme

environments. Unfortunately the adhesion of most

silicone coatings to metallic substrates is poor

without the application of a primer coat. To

maximize the adhesion and corrosion protection

afforded by silicone coatings, TDA Research Inc.

(TDA) will develop polymeric additives which will

act as internal priming agents for a wide array of

commercial silicone coatings. These additives are

expected to be effective adhesion promoters even

at concentrations below 1%. Self-priming silicone

coating formulations will save the time and money

associated with application of a separate coating of

primer. Additional potential benefits include the

reduction of volatile organic chemical (VOC)

emissions during the coating process and improved

corrosion protection of the coated metals.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Self-priming silicone coatings would find

commercial application in most of the fields where

silicone coatings and sealants are currently used,

including high temperature-resistant,

corrosion-resistant, and hydrophobic barrier

coatings as well as silicone caulking and

construction materials. Silicones are also being

developed as biofouling-resistant marine hull

coatings to replace the environmentally

unacceptable metal salts currently employed. All of

these silicone coating systems would potentially be

improved by incorporating self-priming silicone


Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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Dr. Bryan Smith

TDA Research, Inc.

12345 W. 52nd Ave.

Wheat Ridge , CO 80033

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Mr. Michael E. Karpuk

TDA Research, Inc.

12345 W. 52nd Ave.

Wheat Ridge , CO 80033