Form 9.B Project Summary

Chron 971610

Proposal Number 97-1 07.03-4646B

Project Title Flight Tests of the Low Speed Characteristics of a Hypersonic Waverider Configuration

Technical Abstract

A series of flight tests of the LoFLYTE(TM) aircraft are planned, with the goal of fully

characterizing LoFLYTE(TM)'s aerodynamics, evaluating possible modifications and

enhancements to the aircraft, evaluating LoFLYTE(TM)'s neural adaptive flight control

system, and verifying the controller's generiticity. In the former area a series of flight

tests directed towards the exploration of LoFLYTE(TM) flight envelope, characterization of

its SERN nozzle, and elimination of the dutch roll phenomena are anticipated. In the

control area, flight tests designed to evaluate the performance of the flight controller in

extreme environments; in the face of aircraft modifications, system failures and/or

aircraft damage; and under fully autonomous control are anticipated. A Flight Test Program

Plan will be developed to ensure safe and efficient conduct of the flight test experiments.

Potential Commercial Applications

Fully developing the low speed characteristics of a hypersonic waverider configuration with

an advanced neural vehicle management system provides several near term applications of the

resulting technologies to subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic flight vehicles. The benefits

of this program exhibit tremendous longer term potential applications to operational

military and civilian vehicles. Research applications include subsonic target drone

applications, Mach 2 to 4 ramjet powered vehicles and Mach 4 to 8 dual mode ram/scramjet

powered vehicles. The United States Navy in its Mission Needs Statement has identified the

requirement for a hypersonic vehicle for military missions.

Name and Address of Offeror

Firm: Accurate Automation Corp

Name: Robert M. Pap

Street: 7001 Shallowford Road

City: Chattanooga

ST: TN ZIP: 37421

Name and Address Of Principal Investigator

Firm: Accurate Automation Corp

Name: Walter Sefic

Street: 7001 Shallowford Road

City: Chattanooga

ST: TN ZIP: 37421