Project Summary

Proposal Number:

Project Title:A Redundant Low-Cost Solid State Inertial Reference System with GPS Aiding for General Aviation

Small Business Concern:
Vision Micro Design, Inc.
5501 East Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Research Institution:
University of Texas at Austin
Computer Engineering Research Center
ENS 433A MC78800
Austin, TX 78712

Principal Investigator/Project Manager: Gregory W. Walker

Technical Abstract:
There is a vital need in the GA market for FAA-certified equipment that provides aircraft dynamic state and performance information. Vision Micro Design, Inc. (VmD) proposes to create an affordable (component and fabrication cost below $3,000), fault tolerant, solid- state Sensor Processing Unit (SPU). This unit fully integrates attitude, heading, attitude rates, position, velocity, acceleration, altitude, and atmospheric information. Combining this information greatly improves the dynamic accuracy of the SPU and the pilot's situational awareness. Some companies have attempted to develop an Attitude Heading Reference Systems, which is only a part of the capability of the SPU. Currently, none have resolved the noise and drift problems inherent with low cost sensors. VmD's approach includes the digital signal processing necessary to exploit low-cost, automotive-type, inertial sensors in an innovative manner that provides high performance and correctable drift. We accomplish this through fusing a balance of redundant inertial and non-inertial measurements in a state estimator. The system provides key information to several flight system products and training tools, such as improving simulation for creditable training. The University of Texas at Austin's (UTA) innovative and affordable fault tolerant design guidance is essential for meeting FAA certification requirements.

Potential Commecial Applications:
  • Data Provider For A Dynamic State and Performance Indicator
  • Data Provider For A Flight Director Display
  • Data Provider For An Advanced Autopilot
  • Data Collector For Off-Line Mathematical Modeling To Use In Simulation
  • Data Provider For An Advanced Flight Management System Incorporating Expert Systems
  • Data Evaluator For A Model Based Windshear Warning System Sensor System For Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Flight Test Instrumentation