Project Summary

Proposal Number:

Project Title:Intelligent Tutoring Systems for AGATE Training

Small Business Concern:
4126 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45432

Research Institution:
The Ohio State University
ATTN: Dr. Gerald P. Chubb
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation
164 W. 19th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1100

Principal Investigator/Project Manager: Mr. George J. Valentino

Technical Abstract:
A number of low-cost flight simulators software applications are now available and range in price from under $100.00 to under $1000.00. With some additional hardware (rudder pedal kits and yokes with a throttle control) and software (datasets) these inexpensive devices become very attractive substitutes for the conventional, more expensive ground-based training simulator. Two basic questions need to be answered: 1) what can or cannot be taught using these cheaper approaches, and 2) how well does that training transfer to the aircraft? The answers are known for conventional aviation trainers (Roscoe, 1980). To answer the question for new technology, a new curriculum is needed for the alternative approaches based on new technology. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) monitor student progress and adapt the materials presented to the individual student's needs. This can include a variety of instructional media, such as Computer-Based Training (CBT), simulation, and formal instruction. The proposed study will baseline the functions and costs for conventional training, develop the curriculum for a new approach based on the AGATE aircraft concept, and contrast the time and cost of new versus conventional training methods for both the private pilot's' certificate and the instrument rating for light, single engine aircraft.

Potential Commecial Applications:
Ab initio flight instruction and / or transition to the Advanced General Aviation Transportation Experiment (AGATE) aircraft. Cross- training to conventional aircraft following AGATE aircraft operation.