94-02-940101 CoReview: An Interactive Information Exchange and Retrieval Tool A user friendly graphical interface, called CoReview, for interactive review and data retrieval is proposed to help managers and researchers jointly review a proposal, or a project schedule, or any technical paper. Traditional ways have been a paper trail in top down fashion which is laborious and time tasking. With the development of high speed data links and networks, computers connected over the internet can take advantage of this and with a tool like CoReview, being able to view and edit a document among evaluators and researchers is remarkable. Phase I of the project will develop a tool CoReview, based on XTV, a X window teleconferecing and viewing tool. The proposed tool will have the features to review and edit documents in asynchronous or synchronous mode, be able to critique on the document, talk to fellow evaluators across the network while session in progress and have a scratch pad for any drawings to be transmitted to others interactively. CoReview has the potential for being used by educational institutions, major corporations like IBM, Boeing, Douglas, and DOD, NASA and other government facilities. The ability for a group of geographically distributed users to work together as team without the need to travel for face-to-face meetings is indeed a very important contribution to society and human productivity. There is a wide application market for CoReview by Fortune 500 companies, DOD, NASA, universities and many small upbeat businesses. This interactive evaluation and editing tool does not exist and will be a key tool in the ever expanding global market. With the ever increasing speed and versatility of the networked computing systems, this evaluation tool will allow interactive proposal evaluation by representatives at remote bases or sites without the need to meet face to face. Cooperative projects of multiple industries, or the interaction of distant plants within a company, will benefit from the features within CoReview. This tool can also be used for real-time review and interaction of company or government presentations, where the responsible participants do not have to be physically located at the same site. The voice feature incorporated during the Phase II effort will be a great enhancement to the features of CoReview package. The audio will greatly enhance the speed with which comments and dialogue can be incorporated. This feature will combine the best communication features of voice but with the flexibility to interactively view and edit documents based upon both audio and typographical information. Another source of commercialization would be an enhancement to the ever increasing data-base retrieval market. Using CoReview to access these data-bases would allow a user to query and interact with a consultant when information outside the data-base capabilities are desired. With the advent of high speed phone lines into the home, a very large market could possibly open up. Examples of this are medical help from your doctor or nurse, on-line ordering of merchandise from businesses where differing degrees of specifications are needed by different customers. INNOVATIVE AERODYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES 534-C WYTHE CREEK RD POQUOSON, VA 23662 SALLY A. VIKEN 804-868-4151 OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY HAMPTON BLVD NORFOLK, VA 23529