94-02-940094 Automated Capture of Technical Manuals into IETM Format for Electronic Review and Distribution This proposal outlines a research program to evaluate the potential for automating portions of the conversion of existing paper published technical manuals to Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) format to support interactive distribution and review. This research program will explore all aspects of this task through the development of document conversion tools. These tools will then be thoroughly evaluated and the resulting performance used as the basis for making projected cost benefits for implementation of a complete conversion system. Phase II of this project is expected to produce a complete TM-to-IETM conversion system. Phase III of this project will use components derived from Phase II to produce a commercial system for document scanning, storage, understanding, retrieval, manipulation, conversion and distribution of technical manuals. An ability to convert existing paper technical manuals into electronic format in a cost effective manner would provide much benefit to the NASA and research community as it converts towards electronic distribution of RFPs, data, documents, and other computerized technical information. This same technology could also be applied to converting existing commercial technical manuals into electronic format. CYBERNET SYSTEMS CORP 1919 GREEN RD SUITE B-101 ANN ARBOR, MI 48105 HEIDI N. JACOBUS 313-668-2567 THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2901 HUBBARD ANN ARBOR, MI 48109-2106