94-01-940060 A Low-Cost High-Performance Visual-Auditory-Tactile Virtual Reality Trainer We propose implementing a low cost visual-auditory-tactile task virtual reality trainer. The proposed trainer will leverage Cybernet's experience in building high performance robotic tactile feedback devices, combined with low cost head-mount graphics generation and 3d-audio, to provide a standard platform for table-top VR training of critical eye-hand tasks. Specifically, we will implement this system to provide a eye/hand general aviation control training capability which is sufficiently realistic to provide the type of simulator practice to general aviation pilots that has historically reserved for pilots of commercial or high performance aircraft. The goal of this effort will be to provide a very high quality eye-hand-ear experience at a cost which is substantially less than current systems. We will also provide the basic VR tool box framework capabilities so that these systems can be enhanced for providing varied training regimes and can be linked into distributed simulation facilities. The technology development effort described will be commercialized by insertion into a wide variety of eye-hand operation training applications in aviation, sports, medicine, and industry as well as other military applications. Cybernet Systems Corp 1919 Green Rd Suite B-101 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Heidi N. Jacobus 313-668-2567 The University of Michigan College Eng Office of Tech Transfer 2901 Hubbard Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2106