Project Title:

Feasibility of Modifying a Thermal Scanner to Measure Lava Flow Characteristics
Daedalus Enterprises Inc.
PO Box 1869
Ann Arbor
James P.
- NAS7-1054
This project will investigate the modification of the existing Thermal Infrared Multispectral
Scanner (TIMS) to measure lava flow characteristics. It addresses a critical need
for an instrument to make accurate measurements from aircraft of the temperature
of the surface of lava flows to support the NASA Geology Program in the study of
the composition and dynamics of high-temperature lava flows. The activity involves
the analysis of several spectrometer and scan-head modifications which could be implemented
using TIMS optical components. In addition, the project will examine the signal processing
electronics for changes required to improve the dynamic range of the system. Alternative
designs will be evaluated for their compatibility with the existing system. Successful
completion of this project will result in an instrument capable of making temperature
measurements of hot surfaces with the option of conversion to the standard TIMS configuration
with improved dynamic range.


Potential Commercial Application: