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Project Title:Shower Water Filtration And Stabilization

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yrtle Creek, OR 97457
The baseline design of NASA's Space Station includes a shower facility for the use
of the crew.  A key component of the facility is a hose and nozzle which is used
to remove water from the astronaut's body and the shower wall.  Three problems have
been identified for which solutions are proposed:

Hair and other debris must be removed.

The growth of microorganisms must be controlled.

Foaming caused by the cleansing agent must be controlled.

This proposal describes a program for the development of a disposable filter element
which is pretreated with a controlled-release biocide and foam suppressant that will
be added to the water as it passes through the filter.  Microbial control will be
accomplished in the collection device, and the problem of foam in the air-water separator
will be eliminated.