Project Title:

Internal Fluid Mechanics of Liquid Propellant Rocket Thrust Chambers
Scientific Research Associates Inc.
P.O. Box 498
Howard J.
Abstract    The multicomponent, multiphase, reacting flow inside a liquid propellant
rocket thrust chamber influences both the performance and life of the rocket engine.
 A unique Lagrangian discrete particle transport model has been developed and combined
with an existing state-of-the-art, multidimensional, time-dependent, compressible
Eulerian Navier-Stokes computer code.  The procedure was successfully used to compute
a gas/particle flow with strong interaction due to droplet evaporation.  The effort
will continue the development of this computer code by investigating and implementing
an advanced turbulent dispersion model for particle motion, and a stochatic droplet
injection model.  These models will be evaluated extensively and detailed comparisons
with available experimental data will be made.  A sensitivity study will be conducted
to determine the applicability of the various models to liquid propellant rocket
thrust chamber flows.  Also, the convergence of the Eulerian-Lagrangian coupling
procedure will be improved by use of matrix conditioning and other applicable techniques
in order to reduce code execution times signifi-
cantly.  Both the Eulerian and Lagrangian analyses will be modified to include a
sufficient number of species to adequately model typical liquid propellant combustion
process.  A turbulent flow combustion model will be developed, implemented and tested
by comparison with experimental data.  Several axisymmetric reacting flow calculations
for rocket thrust chambers will be performed.  Finally, the analysis will be extended
to treat three-dimensional thrust chamber flows, and will be demonstrated by a calculation
for a realistic chamber-injector configuration.  Additional computer code variation
will be performed to decrease computer run time.