NASA SBIR 2007 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: 07-1 X7.02-9718
SUBTOPIC TITLE: Human Systems Interaction
PROPOSAL TITLE: Advanced Situation Awareness Technologies

SMALL BUSINESS CONCERN (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
Rapid Imaging Software Inc
1318 Ridgecrest Place S.E.
Albuquerque, NM 87108 - 5136
(505) 265-7020

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/PROJECT MANAGER (Name, E-mail, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
Mike Abernathy
1318 Ridgecrest Place S.E.
Albuquerque, NM 87108 - 5136
(505) 265-7020

Expected Technology Readiness Level (TRL) upon completion of contract: 5 to 7

TECHNICAL ABSTRACT (Limit 2000 characters, approximately 200 words)
Advanced Situation Awareness Technologies (ASAT) will facilitate exploration of the moon surface, and other planetary bodies. This powerful technology will also find application in the commercial sector, particularly submersible vehicle operation. ASAT will fuse video and other sensor technologies, with geographic databases to maximize vehicle operator situation awareness, and enhance the navigation state of the guidance and control system. During previous research and development activities RIS invented a method to use video camera data to enhance vehicle attitude estimation from gyroscopic inertial navigation systems. In non-earth environments, the absence of a strong reference field increases the problem of INS drift, and decreases operator situation awareness as a consequence. RIS will develope technology which enhances navigation and situation awareness in these challenging environments.

POTENTIAL NASA COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS (Limit 1500 characters, approximately 150 words)
Telepresence and teleoperation are vital components of NASA space exploration for the next decades. The return to the moon, and the desire to explore our solar system fuel the need for advanced technlogies like ASAT. ASAT will aid future lunar rover vehicles will facing challenges of navigation and safe operation in a challenging environment. There, the GPS that we now take for granted on earth will not be useful. Earths magnetic field, so useful in navigating our planet, will not be available so problems of INS drift become exagerated. Fortunately, the ASAT technology will be there to provide the situation awareness for vehicle operators so needed for safe exploration.

POTENTIAL NON-NASA COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS (Limit 1500 characters, approximately 150 words)
ASAT will find application in the operation of remotely operated vehicles in the commercial sector. Areas of particular emphasis include submersible ROV operation for mineral explortation and extraction, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Unmanned Ground Systems used in extractive industries in dangerous environments. Rapid Imaging Software, Inc. is uniquely positioned to commercialize this technology because of our extensive history in successful UAV teleoperation situation awareness technologies, and because of our relationship with large UAV manufacturers.

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