NASA SBIR 2003 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER:03-F6.02-8365 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 034640)
SUBTOPIC TITLE:Distributed/International Ground Operations
PROPOSAL TITLE:Intelligent Flight Support System (IFSS): A Real-time Intelligent Decision Support Prototype

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HPN Software Consultant, Inc.
18519 Egret Bay
Houston ,TX 77058 - 3353
(281) 333 - 3846

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Lac   Nguyen
18519 Egret Bay Ste. 1509
Houston ,TX  77058 -3353
(281) 333 - 3846
U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident: Yes

The integration of the analysis tools with the advanced visualization capabilities in The Intelligent Flight Support System (IFSS) can provide a unique method for investigating dynamic spatial problems. The IFSS will use a simple joystick driven navigation paradigm to navigate throughout the environment by simply flying through the space. In this manner, the FC has the ability to move around and into the ISS while maintaining a fixed gaze towards the ISS. This allows the FC to view the ISS and Space Shuttle from different perspectives and perform several different analyses that provide input to the IFSS visualization software. The user interface will be comprised of two distinct data and intelligent components. The data component provides FCs with all currently used displays at MCC while the intelligent component is used to provide the FCs with what-if, goal-seeking and graphing capabilities. In addition, an expert system will be embedded in the intelligent component allowing FCs to perform more sophisticated analysis, such as dual angle operations, feathering for docking, shadow analysis, auto tracking.

The Intelligent Flight Support System (IFSS) proposed here promotes situational awareness at MCC with an interactive virtual model of the ISS and Space Shuttle combined with data and decision support displays. IFSS also incorporates an intelligent component to model various characteristics of space vehicle systems when predictable results of unknown scenarios are required. IFSS supports FCs in the planning, communications, command, and control operations of the ISS and Space Station by providing knowledge and skills that are unavailable from internal representation.

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