NASA SBIR 01-II Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: B3.03-8529 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 013470 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: A Wireless Smart Sensor System for Monitoring EMG Signals

The proposed Phase II outlines a plan to develop a completely wireless, ?smart? surface electromyographic (EMG) system. The project is directed at NASA?s request for innovative in-flight and ground-based technologies to improve current methods of monitoring vital organ systems that suffer deleterious effects in micro gravity. The system will provide reliable, accurate, and noninvasive monitoring of the musculoskeletal system without encumbering the user. The innovation builds on recent technological developments of our group in achieving a wireless EMG sensor prototype. The solution we propose is a significant departure from current state of the art systems.
Phase I successfully demonstrated the feasibility of such an EMG monitoring system. The proposed work plan for Phase II is directed at: 1) miniaturization and enhancements of the sensors and base station, 2) incorporation of recent R&D to improve the sensor/skin interface, 4) extensions of the sensors? smart features, and 5) expansion of the multi-channel capabilities. The deliverable of an 8-channel wireless EMG system with smart capabilities will be evaluated in human subjects for signal fidelity and usability. A plan for the commercialization of the system in Phase III is outlined to include prospective users in the fields rehabilitation, ergonomics, and military in addition to NASA.

Aside from the obvious benefits to NASA for in-flight and ground based studies, the proposed innovation would be of broader general interest to most of the groups currently using surface EMG techniques because of its smart feature capabilities that reduce the time and effort needed to record and interpret EMG data, and its lack of wires or body worn hardware which can significantly improve freedom of movement for the subject. As a result, the innovation may attract a greater number of prospective end users of surface EMG methods, particularly among people who have been avoiding such methods because of the encumbrance to the subject. Secondly, the commercial interest in EMG methods could be expanded due to the greater number of possible applications to the end user. Potential users of the system would include, but are not limited to: (1) rehabilitation and sports training centers, (2) diagnostic centers; (3) workers at risk for overuse injuries, (4) industries interested in enhancing worker productivity or accommodating persons with disabilities; (5) development of myoelectric prostheses; and (6) military efforts to produce a field system for monitoring performance capability of soldiers during training and combat.

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Andreas Johansson
PO BOX 15734
BOSTON , MA   02215 - 0015

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