NASA SBIR 01-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: E2.02-9508 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 012491 )
Com+ Simulation Architecture With Application To Tethers And Formation Flying

Future NASA missions cover a diverse set of requirements from Earth Observing constellations Flying in Formation to Scientific Observations using multiple tethers. Each spacecraft will have unique design specifications on actuators, sensors, dynamics, control and flight software. Traditionally, these spacecraft simulations have been divided into files, modules or classes which are compiled and linked to form a monolithic simulation application. This static approach requires re-compilation or re-linking for each different spacecraft.

Star Technologies proposes to develop a COM+, Component Object Model, spacecraft simulation architecture that will enable the User to build COM components that can be assembled into a spacecraft simulation without the need for re-compiling or re-linking. The advantages of using COM components result directly from their ability to dynamically plug-into and unplug-from a spacecraft simulation. The COM simulation architecture will provide for rapid assembly via COM components that represent the environment, sensors, actuators, dynamics, and control which may function as distributed processes across networks. And since COM is language independent, the COM+ architecture will enable re-use of previously developed FORTRAN and C programs or routines. The resulting COM+ simulation architecture will be demonstrated on a Tether and a Formation Flying configuration.

The COM+ simulation architecture will provide a methodology for the rapid prototyping of various spacecraft simulations by assimilation of COM components at run time. The addition of new COM components or the replacement of existing COM components will enable spacecraft simulations to evolve over time. Previously, development of a spacecraft attitude control system would apply 80% of the effort toward the development of a detailed spacecraft simulation while 20% went to the actual control system design and analysis. This COM+ simulation architecture will reduce the cost and time-to-develop sophisticated spacecraft simulations to less than 20% of the effort, leaving the remainder of the effort for control system design and analysis.

The COM+ simulation architecture will enable component manufacturers to provide sensor or actuator models as COM components thereby protecting any proprietary information while making their specific sensor or actuator model available as a plug-in. Star Technologies has contacted such manufacturers as Barnes Engineering who are in agreement with the providing such a COM plug-in component.

The COM+ simulation architecture has the potential of supporting a variety of commercial as well as government spacecraft simulation developments.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Robert Strunce
Star Technologies Corporation
10303 Galpin Court
Great Falls , VA   22066 - 2401

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Star Technologies Corporation
10303 Galpin Court
Great Falls , VA   22066 - 2401

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