NASA SBIR 01-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: B2.01-8965 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 013034 )
Method of Cellular Monitoring Using Detection of Autocrine and Paracrine Signals

Luna Innovations, Inc. and their development partners propose novel, multiplexed sensors for the detection of autocrine and paracrine signals. The measurement of these secretory products will be used to determine the health of cultured cells exposed to microgravity. As a result, the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals, the fabrication of biomaterials, and the determination of microgravity effects on physiological conditions will be achievable. Currently, there is no large-scale, homogeneous method of determining cellular processes through direct detection. Testing is typically based on radiolabeled or fluorolabeled techniques that can influence the measurement being made. This influence can, thereby, introduce a certain level of uncertainty in experimental results. Luna has patented an optical fiber, direct detection device that is extremely sensitive to refractive index changes. By coating the sensor with novel affinity films, selective detection is achievable. To produce a device capable of screening multiple targets in a microtiter plate simultaneously, Luna Innovations will develop probe sensors that are amenable to shallow-well formats. Other commercial benefits include systems for high throughput screening, clinical diagnostics, and environmental monitoring.

The products introduced during this proposed development program will satisfy customer requirements in life science markets, particularly high throughput screening, and will produce tests that compete directly with fluorolabeled techniques. Competitive advantages include no-labeling, rapid results, large numbers of multiplexed channels, and a small package. The technology is also expandable into analytical instrumentation. Targeted customers are major laboratories, life sciences companies and other end users of similar analytical measurement equipment.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Roger VanTassell
Luna Innovations Incorporated
2851 Commerce Street
Blacksburg , VA   24060 - 6657

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Luna Innovations Incorporated
2851 Commerce Street
Blacksburg , VI   24060 - 6657

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