NASA SBIR 00-II Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: 11.01-7935 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 002066 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: Novel Biomatrix System for Human Tissue Growth & Angiogenesis in Microgavity

The overall goal of this SBIR project is to develop a new in vitro assay
model for monitoring the adverse effects of microgravity on human
cell/tissue growth and function. This also satisfies NASAís program to
study inducible physiological changes in humans during spaceflights.
Previous work has shown that microgravity can modify host cell-matrix
interactions, and thereby exert potentially deleterious effects on human
vascular, immune and bone functions and regeneration processes.
Unfortunately, defined functional models to study discrete adaptations in
target tissues are not yet known. In Phase I, we successfully created a
novel human biomatrix coculture system, for growth and activation of
endothelial cells. The practical feasibility of 3D Amgel microbeads was
demonstrated for cell proliferation and differentiation (angiogenesis).
Major advantages of Amgel model include itís physiologic milieu and defined
biologic activity. We now propose to develop and commercialize Amgel-based
3D coculture systems for human tissue growth and functional studies. Three
extended tasks will be undertaken: 1. To institute efficient protocols for
Amgel production and formulation with coherent biological properties; 2. To
further develop and establish 3D human biomatrix configurations using
advanced automated technologies; and 3. To validate the functional
properties of new coculture systems using NASAís rotary bioreactors.
Morphologic, mitogenic and angiogenic events during the organotypic
bioassays will be monitored using our time-lapsed bioimaging system
(CytoScan). We predict these defined Amgel biomatrix & coculture kits will
be the first marketable human bioassay systems. This R&D proposal will
significantly impact both basic and biomedical arenas including tissue
engineering, wound healing, drug discovery and space biology. Thus, 3D
human cell-matrix te

No acceptable commercial 3D bioassay system for tissue growth and
development currently exists which utilizes a defined human biomatrix. We
will develop, optimize and evaluate different cell-matrix coculture systems
(Amgel microbeads, bilayered discs). Sale of proprietary Amgel and
pre-packed culture kits will have a world-wide market, both as a research
tool and a diagnostic tool. The multiple applications and commercialization
of our bioengineering products will significantly impact both research and
biomedical institutions.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Raj Singh, Ph.D.
Diversified Scientific Inc.
1601 12th Ave. South
Birmingham , AL   35205 - 4709

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Diversified Scientific Inc.
1601 12th Ave. South
Birmingham , AL   35205 - 4709

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