NASA SBIR 00-II Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: 10.10-7868 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 002133 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: Using XML for Workflow Management

In Phase I of this project, Tietronix Inc. developed a high-level architecture of the complete workflow system and working prototypes of the system?s core components: the workflow engine and process designer. These prototypes prove the feasibility of the proposed concept and provide the backbone of the complete workflow system toolkit to be developed in the SBIR Phase II. The two-fold goal of Phase II is to develop a commercially viable workflow system that will benefit NASA in its internal process improvement efforts. TieFlow will provide powerful process development tools and enable users to rapidly design new, improved processes without programming. TieFlow?s generic design will support the creation and execution of processes dealing with any subject matter at any level of complexity.

It will use XML as the data exchange and communication mechanism, following the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) standards to provide interoperability with other workflow systems.

In addition, TieFlow will easily support distributed organizations by using standard web browsers as its client interface. With its superior features and innovative delivery methods, TieFlow will have a competitive advantage and help both commercial and NASA users to reap tangible and measurable benefits with higher work efficiency and productivity.

The TieFlow product represents an innovative approach to workflow technology as a part of groupware solutions for its strategic business objectives, the complexity of the underlying business process and IT architecture. This tool will enable any type of business or organization to rapidly and easily design and implement new work processes and reap significant return on investment in the form of cost savings, higher productivity and work efficiency.

In Phase II, Tietronix will concentrate on the impact of TieFlow in answering the question of how effectively it delivers workflow functionality to the business environment. The product developed in Phase II will ultimately generate the commonly associated benefits of process improvement: higher productivity, cost savings, cycle time reduction, product enhancements, improved customer service, improved quality, strategic impact to the organization?s mission, enabling culture change, and?most importantly?improving the target company?s competitive position in the market

The target market for TieFlow is any organization (government, commercial or academic) recognizing the need for continuous business process improvements in key areas such as product development, customer satisfaction, production and operations, hiring, billing and legal.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Michel Izygon
Tietronix Software, Inc.
1335 Regents Park Drive Suite 260
Houston , TX   77058 - 2541

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Tietronix Software, Inc.
1335 Regents Park Drive Suite 260
Houston , TX   77058 - 2541

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