PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 19.03-8119 (Chron: 001882 )
Subsurface Coring Sampler System

Honeybee Robotics is proposing a new type of planetary and small bodies sample acquisition and sample handling system that can operate in extreme environments and satisfy crucial mission related science and sample return requirements. Many in-situ instruments are currently only capable of handling small amount of samples (0.1 - 1.0 cc) while missions with sample return requirements have a need for large volume of samples (100-500 cc). The proposed Subsurface Coring Sampler System (SCSS) is capable of acquiring small samples for in-situ science and larger samples for sample return by adjusting the sample volume. Another unique feature of the SCSS is its ability to obtain stratigraphy maintained surface and subsurface cores of varying lengths. Once the cores are obtained, the SCSS can function as precision material handling system, transferring the cores to sample return containers or depositing smaller sections of the cores to in-situ instruments for analysis. This low mass, low power sampling system will be developed with multiple mission applicability in mind, interfacing with a majority of existing in-situ instruments being developed by other NASA centers such as GSFC (CHARGE) and Ames (CIDEX). The SCSS will also be developed with interface commonality to a multi-chamber sample return container currently being developed by Honeybee Robotics for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Commercial versions of samplers of this type will allow for the development of automated agricultural soil condition mapping systems and will help enable the commercial mining of asteroids. To survey a subsurface site before committing to large-scale excavation or extraction operations, the SCSS with a number of in-situ sample analyzers, might be utilized. The SCSS will allow the sensors and sampling tools access to samples and cores from 1 meter and beyond.

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Shaheed Rafeek
Honeybee Robotics
204 Elizabeth St
New York , NY   10012 - 4236

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Honeybee Robotics Ltd.
204 Elizabeth St.
New York , NY   10012 - 4236