PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 12.01-9719 (Chron: 000282 )
Authoring software for developing 3D photo-realistic terrain models.

Platform Digital proposes to develop a Remote Experience Authoring Language (REAL) that will allow educators, multi-media developers and scientists to create, quickly and easily interactive 3D models from NASA data sets for the study, evaluation and presentation of science in an engaging and fun way. REAL will enable the public to actively explore NASA remote sites via 3D computer game style representations derived from 3D sensor data from past and current NASA missions such as the Mars Global Surveyor MOLA, stereo range data from lander/Rover missions such as the 1997 Mars Pathfinder, or the Laser mapping of the Eros Asteroid. The Remote Experience Lab at Carnegie Mellon University is completing a phase-one proof of concept demo that will allow the public to explore a representation of Mars. REAL builds upon this by creating an authoring tool so that many educators and multi-media artists may create numerous remote experiences based on any NASA exploration mission. Eliminating the need to hire programmers, our software will increase the visibility and use of data collected by NASA. For the first time this data will become widely accessed and viewed. Locations throughout the solar system will be charted, mapped and explored like never before.

The NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) is an active archive that provides high quality, usable planetary science data products to the science community. Unfortunately, much of the information is under-utilized by the general public. To date, there has not been effective software or computer browser that has unlocked the door to this information. In our effort to create educational software, we have experienced first-hand the need for a software package that will allow better access to 2D and 3D NASA data. Our editor will create a user-friendly interface for the use and presentation of the vast amount of NASA data files. Using a hybrid-WYSIWYG editor, lucid dialog boxes and other editing features, our software will generate interactive 3D models with professional presentation capability. Creating and displaying photo-realistic terrain models will become the preferred method for presenting science and for educating students. Our Remote Experience Authoring Language (REAL) will incorporate the advantages of VRML, Java 3D and the Internet to create an interactive, easy-to-use 3D presentation with commentary. Our software utility will benefit all individuals interested in science. With an effective 3D modeling editor, educators, researchers and scientists can create interesting and effective content with little or no programming knowledge.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Peter Coppin
Carnegie Mellon University
4615 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh , PA   15213 - 3712

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Platform Digital, LLC
414 So. Craig St, # 283
Pittsburgh , PA   15213 - 3709