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Endwall Flow Control in Stator Blade Rows

Advances in rotor and fan blade design have produced compressors that generate greater compression ratios with higher efficiencies using fewer stages. A direct result of designing more compact compressors with higher pressure ratios is a more adverse pressure gradient which causes flow separation on the endwalls of both the rotor and stator passageways. Consequently, the performance potential of the compressor is not reached. Technology in Blacksburg is proposing the use of engine casing and hub flow control in the stator blade rows to increase stator performance and efficiency while simultaneously reducing the length and thus overall weight of the engine. Flow control is achieved with miniature ejector pumps, integrally machined into the hub and casing. Ejector pumps provide a simple and efficient way of simultaneously producing suction and a high momentum jet for flow control. Low momentum fluid in boundary layer of the endwalls is removed with suction. The fluid is then re-energized by the ejector pump and injected into the flow as a high momentum jet flowing tangent to the endwall. In this way, the boundary layer along the wall is provided with the energy necessary to remain attached in an adverse pressure gradient.

Presently, the government and industry are spending significant time and funding to develop the next generation of gas turbine engines. These efforts have produced some remarkable technology which will make tomorrow gas turbines smaller and lighter, yet better performing and more efficient. However, in order to take full advantage of the advanced compressors used by these engines, endwall treatment will be necessary to help prevent flow separation. The proposed flow control system by Techsburg is designed specifically to meet these needs. As such, this technology will have application in each of the next generations of commercial and military aircraft engines.

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