PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 03.07-8257 (Chron: 001744 )
Low Cost Engine Test Stand for 500 lb Thrust Class Engines

AJT proposes to develop a low-cost, engine test-stand system for small (500 pound) thrust engines using gaseous, liquid or cryogenic propellants. This test stand would incorporate automated propellant transfer and automated propellant line purge systems. The engines would be configured to a standard test-stand interface, greatly reducing the time required to install and remove various engines. This interface is a novel concept, which allows manufacturers of various engine types and configurations to use the same engine test-stand without making any modifications to the test-stand facility. This interface will incorporate quick connectors for propellant and instrumentation interfaces. The stand and interface would be instrumented with thrust monitoring sensors. This concept is scalable for other and much larger engine test facilities. Innovative methods of providing an interface mating plate greatly reduces the installation time and an automated verification system assures that the mating is properly completed. The latching mechanism would be manually actuated to reduce size and costs. The propellant line purging and pressurization would be automated, using remotely controlled valves, flow and pressure sensors. Because this system is for a relatively new class of small thrust engines, an entirely new approach is proposed, building on concepts and designs previously developed by AJT.

A number of commercial applications exist for the engine stand-system proposed here including commercial aircraft refueling, refueling of alternate fuel vehicles (liquified natural gas, liquid hydrogen, etc.). We will pursue commercial implementation of this system for new generation launch vehicle engine tests (Boeing, Ball Aerospace, and Lockheed Martin). These test-stand innovations can be used for other testing purposes, such as aircraft turbo-machinery.

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Dr. Dan Wegerif
AJT and Associates, Inc
8910 Astronaut Blvd
Cape Canaveral , FL   32920 - 0000

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AJT and Associates, Inc
8910 Astronaut Blvd
Cape Canaveral , FL   32920 - 4225