PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 01.02-9149 (Chron: 000852 )
A Practical Fuel Tank Inerting System for Commercial Aircraft

The ultimate objective of the proposed project is to develop a practical onboard, inert-gas generation system for fuel tank inerting on commercial aircraft. The system would operate autonomously and provide inert gas on demand to the fuel tank ullage. The proposed system would be based upon Total Air Liquefaction for Oxygen and Nitrogen (TALON) technology presently being developed for the U.S. Air Force's C-17 aircraft. As compared with other approaches to onboard inert-gas generation (e.g. molecular sieves or semi-permeable membranes), TALON requires only 1/5 the bleed air and is about 1/2 the weight. In the proposed project, we will adapt and optimize the technology to meet the requirements for a commercial system. TALON also has the potential to provide nitrogen for fire suppression and oxygen to replenish emergency oxygen systems. The Phase I effort will focus on developing specifications for a commercial TALON system, producing a preliminary system design, identifying key technology elements that require further development, and a producing a preliminary palletized system design for a future Boeing 747 test. In Phase II, we will demonstrate key technology components and further define the palletized system test to be conducted during Phase III.

A commercial version of TALON has significant business potential. It is anticipated that forthcoming rules from the DOT/FAA will require that fuel tank ullage be inerted on commercial aircraft during a significant portion of the operational envelope. This will create an immediate, large and ongoing market for this technology. TALON technology potentially offers a more attractive alternative to other approaches such as molecular sieves and semi-permeable membranes, because the bleed air requirements for TALON are of the order of 80% less, and existing aircraft cannot meet the bleed air requirements for these other approaches.

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Martin Shimko
Creare Incorporated
Etna Road, PO Box 71
Hanover , NH   03755 - 0071

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Creare Inc.
Etna Road, P.O. Box 71
Hanover , NH   03755 - 0071